I am an electrical engineering student at Edinburgh university. I have returned to education after working for most of my adult life.

Trading and investing is a part-time venture for me, but I take it very seriously.
I mainly trade cryptocurrencies, but also invest in stocks and some commodities.

I pride myself on offering accurate market projections and being able to keep a level head in times of chaos. Aside from posting articles on my blog, I often give updates on my eToro News Feed

Copy my trading

I conduct my trading on the platform of eToro. Aside from offering market trading of many different instruments, eToro also allows users to copy each other. Many hundreds of people have already decided that my style of trading is something they can benefit from by copying me, and you can too! Simply sign up to eToro, find my profile page @LiamDavies and hit copy.

Copy trading on eToro is based on percentages. A trade opened by me is reflected in your copy position as a ratio of my equity to your copy amount. Bearing in mind the minimum trade size on eToro is $1, I recommend a minimum copy amount of $250. This will ensure all trades I open are copied.
With that said, to unlock the full potential of a position with me I recommend a copy amount of $2500 – 5000.

With me you can expect solid market projections and a level-headed approach to trading. I very rarely close positions at a loss and have proven my consistency over the years.

When you decide to copy me you will have the option to copy open trades – I trade long term, so copying open trades is generally always best.

I highly recommend being patient with the copy position. My long term copiers have much better returns on their investment, and my historic statistics speak for themselves.